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NB IOT intelligent parking system 2019-12-03

Intelligent parking system NB IOT version. The new version includes Internet of things data detection unit (IDU), Internet of things operation management platform (IOP) and supporting mobile app. The system perfectly meets the needs of road parking and open park parking scenes, effectively solves the problems of road parking fee management, parking in the park to find parking space, and promotes the intelligent and scientific urban parking.

NB IOT intelligent parking system

Intelligent parking system has four highlights. The first is technology leadership. Based on the new Internet of things technology NB IOT, the system has the characteristics of low power consumption, wide coverage, multi connection, low cost, high accuracy, etc. the access capacity is improved by more than 50 times, and the stable access and reliable data transmission of the system are realized. The vehicle detector uses advanced geomagnetic detection technology to determine whether the parking space is occupied by sensing the change of magnetic field, and the detection accuracy is more than 99%. Secondly, it is easy to use. The system supports parking space reservation, parking guidance and multi-channel payment to realize convenient parking. Users can query the real-time information of parking spaces through the system supporting mobile app, and reserve the spare parking spaces according to the information. Then the parking guidance function will guide the owner to find the parking space quickly. After the completion of parking, users can choose the payment methods such as app self-service payment, auto deduction of car tag or manual payment according to their own conditions to pay the parking fee. In addition, the operation and maintenance of the system is simple. The equipment has small volume, easy installation, strong anti-interference ability and long service life. All wireless network architecture , supporting remote maintenance and upgrading. Fourth, efficient operation and maintenance management. Relying on the powerful data mining technology, the management system can effectively integrate the massive parking data and realize the unified planning and management of parking resources.

At present, the system has been tested in Shenzhen,Nanjingand other places, and will be expanded to more cities around the world in the future. According to statistics, after the deployment of the system, the parking congestion rate will be reduced by 12%, the time to find parking space will be reduced by 43%, and the parking management income will be increased by 30%, bringing better economic value and social benefits.


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