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Lora system of intelligent well cover November 22,2019.

There is a popular saying about Urban Governance: sewer is the conscience of a city. In the city, there are all kinds of densely distributed pipe networks underground, which are used for sewage discharge, drainage, various pipeline laying, etc. In these pipe networks, a node is the well cover we can see, walking in the road, sidewalk, park, community, factory and other environments.

However, due to the lack of effective real-time monitoring and management means, a large number of manhole covers provide opportunities for lawbreakers. Illegal activities such as moving and stealing the manhole covers occur from time to time. At the same time, when the manhole covers are loosened, sagged or the surrounding concrete structure is cracked due to the inherent construction problems and the continuous rolling of passing vehicles every day, it becomes a human being The "trap" of fear.

Lora system of intelligent well cover

Due to the large number of urban well covers, in order to better ensure the safety of public facilities and protect the main underground resources, it is urgent to adopt new technology and new mode to strengthen the safety management of well covers.

4G Lora system of intelligent well cover

With the rapid development of Internet of things technology, the concept of smart city was born based on the combination of satellite positioning, mobile communication and cloud computing. Along this development direction, the traditional municipal infrastructure was transformed to make it intelligent and Internet of things, improve the level of urban governance, and promote the construction of smart city. For a small well cover, the well cover monitoring system based on Lora / ZigBee transmission has been widely used without changing its physical properties and use. The intelligent hardware is installed on the common well cover to realize the intelligent upgrade, which makes the well cover visible, controllable and manageable, and becomes the front guard of urban pipe network monitoring.

4G Lora system of intelligent well cover

It can realize the monitoring and management of the intelligent well cover. There are various ways of data communication between the up and down lines, which can be transmitted by wireless way:

network port, connecting the server of well cover management center;

4G, connect the Municipal Center Management cloud platform, and the operation and maintenance administrator mobile app;

RS485, which can be connected to other acquisition bottom instruments, sensors and IOT equipment;

Lora / ZigBee, to monitor the terminal status of intelligent well cover (optional module, one out of two);

after the installation of the client program, it can be used directly, fully meet the various functional interfaces, and avoid the trouble of hardware development and system transplantation.

Intelligent well cover monitoring management process

when the well cover inclines 10-15 ° or the well cover shifts, the detection signal will be sent out when the water level exceeds the limit;

the detection signal is transmitted to the intelligent gateway through Lora / ZigBee of the intelligent terminal of the well cover, and then transmitted to the management platform of the alarm receiving center through4G;

the operation and maintenance system conducts big data analysis, after confirming the alarm, pops up the location of the well cover and relevant information in the platform software, and the platform alarm receiving personnel sends the location information of the alarm well cover to the mobile phone app end of the operation and maintenance management personnel after confirming the alarm;

after receiving the early warning information of mobile app, the operation and maintenance management personnel rush to the site to check through the positioning navigation, feed back the processing situation to the central computer room through the mobile app, and the operation and maintenance center administrator will make corresponding processing;

the well cover wireless transmission module will send status signals to the center regularly, including electric quantity signals. The background of the platform system will record and analyze all status signals fed back by the well cover, and judge the working status of the well cover equipment according to the feedback of the signals. If any abnormality is found, a warning or alarm signal will pop up immediately, and the status category of the well cover can be statistically reported.

Intelligent well cover monitoring management realizes intelligent, network and spatial visualization of urban well cover and event management, innovates new well cover management mode, improves well cover management process, establishes a set of scientific and perfect supervision and evaluation system, realizes the sharing of existing relevant resources, and improves the efficiency and level of urban comprehensive management.

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